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Order Return Policy

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Information on Exercising the Right of Withdrawal:

What Should I Do If the Product I Purchased is Defective or Defective?

In order to report that the products and products you have purchased are defective, select the “Request Return” section from, send us your request with your reason for return, and then the products and products you want to return; You must send the products together with the invoice so that the products are not damaged.

After we receive the returned products you have sent, your account will be refunded within 3 business days.

In cases where it is determined that the problem is caused by user error (impact, breakage, breakage, breakage as a result of falling, improper assembly, improper use…etc) due to misuse of the product, the product will not be returned.

In cases where the defect is not caused by use / user error, you must send the product to us for inspection.

As a result of the inspection, when it is determined that the defect in the product, which is reported to be defective as a result of the inspection, does not occur due to use and is a defect of the product, you will be sent a new one, which is flawless, or it will be returned according to your request.

Failures caused by user defects are excluded from the scope of return and warranty (Fall, breakage, unauthorized repair, burning, etc.).

If you report a malfunction within the first 2 days from the date of delivery and send the product, you can use your right upon detection of the malfunction in question.

Please make sure that there is no scratch, tape, label or any damage to the product itself or its original packaging. All copies of the sales invoice must be sent with the product. The defective product is taken to our technical service for fault detection on the day it reaches our company, the fault detection is made within 3 working days. After the fault report is approved, the return process will be initiated.

When Can I Receive the Payment for the Returned Product?

The payment to be made for returned products is the cost of the product plus the shipping cost you paid at the time of creating the order. The amount to be refunded to the credit card can be completed within 10 business days depending on your bank’s return procedure. For payments made by Bank Transfer / EFT, you must specify the IBAN number. Wire transfer/EFT payments are realized within 3 business days at the latest.